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We are a black emerging miner and energy harnessing the new Black Owned business. Our view is to vertically grow and integrate our business, adding value to the economy of South Africa and Africa.

D Banjo has a three phase plan, with three, five and ten year targets. Our strategy is one of vertical integration adding to the value chain by:

> Developing our sourcing and trading,

> Built a world class company and sustainable business,

> Contribute to economic growth and sustainable employment within Africa.

> Source Diesel and Petroleum from African countries such as Angola for distribution in South Africa, Australia, African States and Eastern Europe,

> Create employment in the country and ensure sufficient supply of Diesel and Petroleum at competitive price,

> Establish partnership to build a refinery and world class facilities for scientific research on clean energy.

We make our staff feel a valued part of the team by ensuring safety and rewarding individuals who take responsibility for Client needs.

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